About Us Project-MOC

About us

Born with the idea of making MOCs affordable for everyone, with the best possible quality.
Our goal is to create a collection of amazing instructions and Sets, that anyone can buy and build on their own.

We want to create the sets that everyone says “wouldn’t it be cool if someone built this out of Bricks”, and then we want to share those instructions and sets with you. We will build every Set, step by step, this will be shared on our Youtube Channel.

Why buy from us?

The most important reason is, with your purchase you directly support the designer.

This will motivate them to continue creating great MOCs.

There are so many talented MOC designer around the world but not all of them have the means to achieve their more ambitious creations. Help us help them to achieve their goals, as every sale increases the scope of what we are able to do with the next build.

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