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Michael (Mihe Stonee) Steindl

  • 37 years old
  • Living in beautiful Bavaria / Hallertau

I have been building Lego all my life and after a short “adult phase” I have rediscovered it. After first walking attempts with more time for the hobby it was clear that I wanted to get out bigger than just 3 pieces. With the fondness for the theme of space was clear a cool big spaceship must be built! The decision was made quickly. The Uscss Nostromo from the movie Alien! Exciting with its various angles and shapes, the cool engines and yes, a quite daring challenge – the 7-sided admission to the refinery…

I started the construction with various ideas about the lateral engines, which set the scale for my work. I put a grid over a well-known blueprint and put everything in proportion to get as close as possible to the model from the film. The planning and construction took about 3 months. Because of the collection at that time and the cool “something” I decided to build the ship in black…
Now years later it is up to you to bring this ship in classic grey as a cool set in an affordable Lego alternative to the market!

About this MOC

  • 9205 parts
  • printed building instructions (designed by Simone Bissi)
  • UCS Sticker
  • Original ProjectMOC high Quality parts in color code 2 light grey
  • Scale 1:445

Dimensions and Weight

  • 75 / 44 / 24.5 cm
  • 7.3 kg

MOC creating Time

  • 2 month of concept
  • 2-3 Weeks building first Prototype

Final design in old grey

construction Manual, design by Simone Bissi

Project Nostromo Timeline

  • Order Samples

    order Sample with standard Quality Bricks

  • Build and Test Sample

    right now we are Testing the Construction with standart Quality bricks. 

  • Crowdfunding anouncement

    announcement of the crowdfunding campaign

  • Find a Manufacturer

    Its Time to find a very good Manufacturer, to create the best possible Set.

  • Test the Manufacturer

    as we want to produce our moc in a very rare colour, it is currently not possible to produce the set with the desired colour as a prototype. Therefore we test the bricks on the basis of existing sets, from the manufacturer.

  • Release the Set

    with your help, we want to release the Set until Christmas 2020

Work in Progress Pictures, with standard Quality bricks

Why you should support this Project?

We want to be the first MOC Company, who will give every MOC designer a platform to bring the best Sets to the world. Together with your Help we will make this happening.


  1. RobThom


    You even got the proportions correct.
    It looks like the Halcyon.

    Some off the shelf Nostromo’s cant get the proprtions correct.
    And you captured it with LEGO’s!


  2. Nicholas Mcguire

    I’m very interested in the Nostromo. What is the difference between the $300 set and the $420 set?

  3. Matthew Brough

    Looks amazing. I’ve been considering a from-scratch model but this is a very appealing alternative.

    @Nicholas Mcguire my understanding is the $420 set is you order it now, sent to one of several producers as a one-off.

    This project page is for crowd funding – every backer who’s selected the $300 option will get it once the goal is met.

    So the difference is you have to wait, and take the risks inherent in crowd funding (what happens if the fund-raising goal isn’t met?) but you’ll get the new grey bricks from a single producer rather than whatever the chosen producer provides for one-off orders.

    Personally I’d love a yellow version; this was the colour of the original model but Ridley Scott didn’t like how it looked on film.

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