PMOC-0006 Mercury Starrunner


PMOC-0006 Mercury Starrunner

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Discover the Mercury Star Runner Building Blocks MOC! Aviable with Alternative and Lego bricks.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner Building Blocks MOC! This kit allows you to build the famous courier ship authentically designed to deliver small payloads of goods or data quickly and discreetly.

Experience the thrill of assembling with special features like dedicated data storage computers and "smugglers' holds" - just like the real Mercury Star Runner. The Building Blocks Set empowers you to deliver crucial information into the right hands and become a part of the action-packed Star Citizen universe.

Showcase your building skills with building blocks and create this unique spacecraft that will captivate both Star Citizen fans and building blocks enthusiasts alike. Get the Mercury Star Runner Building Blocks Set now and dive into countless hours of creative play and building enjoyment!

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Mercury Starrunner

Standard, Belligerent Duck


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