MOC-87504 White The Narcissus


MOC-87504 Narcissus White exclusive on Project-moc


Designer: Mihe Stonee


  • 8048 parts
  • 58 x 75 x 39 studs or 46 x 60 x 31cm
  • about 5,6kg
  • digital Building Instructions

Instructions consist 680 pages and over 2100 steps.

Average production time until shipping is 10 days.


If you dont like alternative Bricks, you can order your MOC with Lego Bricks.

The Narcissus was a modified Lockmart Starcub light shuttle that served as one of two lifeboats aboard the USCSS Nostromo. Ellen Ripley used the Narcissus to escape the destruction of its parent vessel in 2122, where she hoped to leave the xenomorph along with the ship’s cat Jones.
The ship weighed 48 metric tonnes. Its hull, measuring 16.3 meters in length, 19.7 meters wide and 7.5 meters height. It was constructed of conventional composite outer skin


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